Winning Baseball Outfits!

Let’s wrap up this incredible season with some of the best baseball fashion out there!

I’ve scoured the web for fantastic looks from other stylish baseball fans and bloggers, and put together a list of my favorite ensembles! These outfits were selected because they went beyond just a team tee/hat and jeans – you can tell there was a good deal of thought in the styling, which, to me, screams team pride in the classiest of ways. I feel like it’s important to offer options other than simple athlesiure, because not every fan wants to look like they’re about to hit the gym when they sport their gear. So scroll down, enjoy, get inspired, and hey, maybe grab some new goods, too! Tis the season, after all 😉





My first standout baseball look is one by the lovely Humara Kausar, who you see here sporting one of my favorites – the white blazer over a team color, with a cap. She even has matching shoes in white and blue! I love that she balances out the casual ripped jeans and Blue Jays cap with the dressiness of the blazer and loafers. It looks like even her nails bring in a pop of red, like the maple leaf in the logo! Another great option would be to swap in a small red or light blue crossbody for another accent piece that reflects the Jays logo or team colors. You can see more pics of the look here.








Next up is Megan from Chasing Davies, who dressed up her Kansas City Royals tee with a fun lace skirt and cardigan. I think using something as feminine as an eyelet skirt to play up a regular team tee is a great idea, and of course, the choice of a cardigan rather than a hoodie kicks the whole outfit up a notch as well. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but her bag is also the color of the crown in some Royals logos… well played! You can see more pics of this sweet KC pride here.





Here’s a double wammy from the infinitely talented Mary Krosnjar, both of Sports Divas Inc. and her own site Sportsanista. On the left, she’s styled a great LA Dodgers look that’s trendy, but still takes the elements into account. Rather than a long sleeve cover up, a knit vest is just the right amount of layering needed, and works great to add some texture over a tank top. The brimmed hat brings in more blue, and her wedges are perfect for stadium-wear! On the right, we have Mary’s Cubs outfit – a two piece top and skirt, paired with baseball seamed shoes and a team bag. It’s a cute, comfortable, and versatile look for work, dates, and the ball game! You can see her Dodgers look here and Cubs look here.



This group pic of fabulous Dodger fans is the handiwork of stylist Linsday Albanese. Lindsay assembled these marvelous outfits for Good Day LA, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about them! Each has its own personality, but still far surpasses the typical jeans and team tee look. My favorite is the Dodgers jacket and tee over the tiered skirt, but even the sweatshirts layered over dresses look superb. Of course, I can’t condone wearing stilettos to a stadium, but all those shoes are easily swapped out for stacked heels, wedges, or flats. You can see this post, as well as a detail pic of Linday’s outfit here.





My last pick is also professionally styled, but I loved it too much not to include. I can count the number of times on one hand that I’ve seen a baseball jersey worn in a way that made me think “Oh, I want to try that!”, and this is certainly one of them. The great minds at Elle whipped up this charming take on a Red Sox look, tucking an oversized jersey into ripped white boyfriend jeans. What makes this outfit work is the higher cut of the jean, creating a waistline where, with a jersey, there usually wouldn’t be one. Putting her hair in a low chignon and adding a red lip, cuffed jean bottom, and clutch help polish what would be an otherwise ‘meh’ look. Oh, and let’s not forget the red shoes – if you can’t wear red socks, you might as well sport some cute red shoes!




If this list has left you longing for more, check out the fan pairings I put together this season by clicking MLB Outfits up top and navigating to your team. There’s a handful of teams I didn’t get to yet, but rest assured, I’ll be working on their looks in the off-season. You can also find inspiration on my Pinterest page, where I have boards for each team, and I’m constantly hunting for more looks to add! Of course, if you have a special request, just email me your team and price range – I’ll happily accept the challenge if it means creating more Sharp Dressed Fans out there in the world!



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