Washington Nationals Style – Day 4!

Let’s wrap this week of Nats coverage up!

Well, since I just sat through two consecutive games watching the Nationals kick my Mets around, it’s about time I get this last pairing out the door. I was planning on a t-shirt look, as I usually end my team coverage with, but I wasn’t over-the-moon about many of the options I found. It’s possible I’m also a bit burned out of the red/blue combo as well (which doesn’t bode well for my Cleveland Indians coverage next week) but hopefully the upcoming All-Star break with be a nice palate cleanser with its retro, mustardy vibe.

Today’s pairing is a dressy-casual look, great for a transition from brunch with the in-laws to a day-game, or an early afternoon game to an evening at a nice outdoor bar space. The key to moving from one event to the next is as simple as: hat on and shirt untucked with rolled sleeves at the ball game; tucked shirt and cuffed sleeves with hat off for going out. Really, covering all the bases with this one (oh yes, that pun just happened.)



shirt by Hugh & Crye

shorts by Read Wall

Nationals All-Star hat

Nationals wallet and watch

leather flip flops

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