Washington Nationals Style – Day 3!

Wowzers, that was game!

If you didn’t catch it, you missed one whopper of a game last night between the Nationals and Mets last night in NY! I think there was a record set for most home runs hit in a game in Citi-Field (only 8, I thought it would be more!) and it was a nonstop offensive back and forth all evening. Coupled with some highly questionable umpiring, it was a very entertaining/frustrating game to watch.

I thought we could all use something a bit more relaxed today, and so I put together a nice laid-back summer outfit. I started with a Nationals tank top, and paired it up with a lightweight jacket for when the sun sets, but also a sun hat if you’re at a day game! The pants are a light, comfy twill in the Nats navy, and I made sure to mix in more of their red with the sandals. The accessories are all locally made pieces, and I absolutely had to include the star necklace, as the stars and stripes are so integral to the identity of the team. Good luck tonight, Nats, and may the best team win!


Nationals tank top




earrings by Sophie Blake

necklace by Rachel Pfeffer

wallet by Matine




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