Washington Nationals Style – Day 2!

I really should have checked the schedule…

…because it only just occurred to me that these Washington Nationals are, yet again, playing my Mets tonight. Last week when they played, the Nats swept us, so having to cover them this week does rub a bit of salt into the wound, but, it’s a long season – anything can happen!

I usually start my team coverage with a dressier outfit, but I felt it was time to change it up a bit, and found my inspiration in these great pants from Native Danger. Going off those, I went with a dash of street and a healthy amount of hipster, mixing in a short sleeve shirt with the team colors. I also found a great locally made wallet with red stitching, which reminds me of baseball every time, and I’m a total sucker for. Throw in a little stars and stripes on the keychain, and some wing tipped boots with red laces, and BAM you got yourself a stew! Or, you know, a really stylish Nats outfit to show off around DC.




pants by Native Danger

Nationals hat

wallet by Jon Wye



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