Texas Rangers Style – Day 4!

Oh Captain, my Captain…

The fearful trip is far from done! The Rangers are currently battling to move past the Mariners into first place in the AL West division. Quick breakdown for those new to the game: the MLB is broken down into the American League and National League, and each league has an East, Central, and West Division. The Captain I’m referring to is the mascot of the Texas Rangers, that was introduced around 2003. Here’s hoping the palomino can bring the team some luck in the long season still ahead.

I promised a men’s outfit with some lighter options for the prohibitively hot Texas weather, so the shirt below may look counter-intuitive. In reality, it’s a linen blend, which usually conjures images of awful 90s Backstreet Boys videos, but is wonderfully airy and breathable, and potentially a cooler option than a cotton tee with a heavy screen-print of your team’s logo. Throw in some shorts, and some flip flips from a Dallas company, soled in Rangers blue, and you’ve got the basics for a stylish summer outfit that you won’t sweat off. Of course I added in the hat in red, for a mix of all the team colors, but I also added in some local pieces in the sunglasses and wallet. The sunglasses are made in Fort Worth using natural and sustainable products, and the wallet, also made in Texas, is made from old baseball gloves! Perfect for a complete Rangers outfit.

RangersMensOutfit02 blue linen shirt

grey shorts

Rangers hat

sunglasses from Woody Glass

baseball glove wallet from Odin Leather Goods

flip flops from Hari Mari




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  1. The shade of blue on this shirt is quite stunning. It’s not the same blue that the Rangers use, but close enough to evoke the image of them, especially when combined with everything else.

    Also, I’ve been all about the long sleeves with shorts look recently, so I very much appreciate this pairing. It’s nice to have your blessing to go with this, a little assurance that similar combos are not some sort of fashion faux pas that I’d never otherwise be aware of. 🙂

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