Texas Rangers Style – Day 2!

“Never, ever quit.”

The Texas Rangers motto seems relevant after watching the highlights of their game against the White Sox the other night. After being down 11-6 in the 8th inning, the Rangers blew the game open and scored 7 runs against the Sox, eventually winning the game at 13-11. Well done, sirs!

Today’s outfit is a bit sturdier of a look, kind of like the Rangers proved to be the other night. Admittedly, there are far fewer local designers and shops to choose from than last week, when I was covering LA. I was lucky enough to find a few pieces made in the Dallas area for a more casual look (still avoiding cowboy boots – please don’t hate me, Texans!)  I paired together something for a cooler evening, before the summer heat hits, but I’ll try and do a more climate-friendly men’s outfit later this week. You may notice that thus far I’ve avoided doing an overt red/white/blue combo, choosing more subdued hues that still reflect the team, but don’t feel too over the top. Hopefully the color subtlety is still fan-approved 😉

RangersMensOutfit01 henley from Mizzen and Main

jeans from Mobley Denim

Rangers cap

watch from Breda

Rangers socks

boots from JB Hill Texas



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  1. I really like the muted color scheme here. Unsurprisingly (and sensibly, if you think about it), a lot of sports franchises have very bold colors for their teams. That’s great for picking up colors from the grandstand, but maybe not for day-wear into game-wear. As always, great job and good eye!

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