Tampa Bay Rays Style – Day 4!

I’m sorry, you changed the stadium’s name FROM ThunderDome TO Tropicana Field?!

What in the name of Imperator Furiosa where you thinking, Rays?! Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that sponsors spend a huge amount of money to get their names on these stadiums, but what’s wrong with Tropicana ThunderDome? You could have a mid-game race of people dressed as oranges garbed in Mad Max-style clothes race around in little punked out go-karts, while the crowd sprays their mouths silver and cheers them on. I mean, you could even have a guitar playing gimp on a pole out beyond center field who gets woken up for home runs! It’s maybe not as family friendly as the home run apple my Mets have, but damned if it wouldn’t be a crowd pleaser.

Ok, all idealistic team branding aside, I put together a casual men’s look to wrap up my week of Tampa Bay coverage. I started running low on locally made men’s pieces, but manged to find a great handmade wallet by a guy who also makes a dogecoin keychain and a full set of Unsullied armor from Game of Thrones. Sir, a tip of my nerd-hat to you and your incredible wares – keep up the great work! The rest of the outfit seems simple, but I assure you I spent a good deal of time on it and went through multiple versions before I was satisfied. The casual Tampa Bay tee is dressed up by a pair of slim fitting away-grey chino pants and a belt with matching team colors. These pants would work cuffed as well, if you wanted to pair them with regular shoes, but I left them full length for a beachy, but well-dressed, look with leather sandals. The hint of yellow I worked into the pairing is the frame of the sunglasses, but I stuck with a transparent pair, as solid yellow frames looked far too collegiate (and not in a fun, young way.) As per most of my casual men’s outfits, you could easily dress this up with a cardigan in sky blue (ditch the hat if you do that, though), and a pair of loafers.

Well Rays fans, I hope you enjoyed my fan stylings as much as I enjoyed learning about your team and hometown! I confess, I was completely surprised by the cool, indie scene that seems to be thriving around there, and I genuinely hope I can visit someday.


Rays tee


Rays cap


handmade leather wallet by Justice Projects



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