Tampa Bay Rays Style – Day 2!

If you find yourself in Florida, you’re probably gonna want some white pants.

Just call it a hunch, or maybe a new take on If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, but there’s a reason that white pants are such an integral part of southern/island fashion. It’s because it’s HOT. White pants are infinitely cooler than darker ones, which you’ll quickly realize once the tops of your thighs start baking while sitting at a ballgame. Also, and my favorite plus, they make you look that much more like the guys on the field! Really, so long as you can keep them clean and are careful not to get ones that are see-through (shudder) you’ll be cruising in style.

For today’s Rays pairing, I did a classy recreation of their home outfit and light blue jerseys that’s business casual ready enough for a younger, more relaxed company. Rather than choose a plain cotton tee in sky blue, I opted for something closer to a chambray (but not quite) to show that matching your team’s colors needn’t be so blatant – there’s a wide world of fabrics that can, conveniently, coordinate. Like, for instance, rather than navy pants, a really dark pair of jeans would suffice. Or perhaps if your team has a deep red, you can find a cherry toned leather item, as opposed to just a burgundy shirt. Subtler tones can still reflect your team pride, if you do it right. And heck, if you don’t want to spend the time searching around for these pieces, that’s why you have me 😉

Oh! One quick side note on the locally-made sunglasses I chose for this outfit: they have a nifty feature of hiding a small pocket knife in them, which, while damn clever, might not be best to bring through stadium security, so leave the lil knife bit at home to be safe.




Tampa Bay Rays hat

sunglasses by Tumbleweeds Handcraft, from Black Springs Folk Art

wallet by Fortenberry



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