Tampa Bay Rays Style – Day 1!

I’m sorry, but your mascot is a what, now?

So, in my research into the short history of the (Devil) Rays, I discovered their mascot is a seadog, which, according to the Rays official website is an undiscovered species of dog known as the “Canus Manta Whatthefluffalus”… Yup. Ray the seadog basically looks like Snuffalupagus, Tom Selleck’s mustache, and a smurf made very blue, fluffy child. Not sure how this magical creature relates to a manta ray, or a ray of light, but then again, the D-backs have a bobcat for a mascot, and my Mets have a giant baseball-headed player. The things the MLB does to cater to kids, when all they need to do is give them ice cream in little helmets, an autographed ball, and a little pennant to hang on their walls.

Onto our first Rays pairing this week – I had an earlier version of this ready to post earlier today, but I completely reworked it because I felt that it wasn’t up to my standards, and looked a bit too 2008. While that is the year the Rays rebranded and won the AL pennant, I decided to keep it as modern as possible, and went with a cute cutout lace dress made by a local St. Pete company, Ashe Couture. With a versatile navy moto jacket and some gold sandals, this is an outfit that can transition through almost any situation in your day, especially in Florida, where the oppressive heat and humidity warrants beachier wardrobes. I mixed in pops of yellow, as the team colors have to represent sunshine, with a locally made pair of earrings and a sunny clutch, and then topped the whole ensemble off with a ring that is *pretty* darn close to the logo. I know something like ring would sell like hotcakes because it’s tasteful AND trendy, but sadly, these earrings are the closest thing the MLB sells. You’re missing out here, Rays, take this idea and run with it – it’s my gift to you.


lace cutout dress by Ashe Couture

navy leather jacket


Tampa Bay hat

earrings by Blossom and Shine



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