St. Louis Cardinals Style – Day 3!

“I am thankful for the bat of Stan Musial, the arm of Bob Gibson, the legs of Lou Brock, and the glove of Ozzie Smith” -Jack Buck

Seeing as I have none of those things, however, I decided to improvise and make a casual Cardinals outfit for the ladies, today. The above quote is from the great Jack Buck, Cards announcer from 1954 all the way through the 90’s, which makes for a dang impressive career. His son, Joe Buck, still announces on ESPN, but has somewhat less of loyal following than his father. *ahem*

Today’s pairing has another nod to the 80’s uniforms in the powder blue shorts I found, and I decided to mix eras beyond that. The blazer and t-shirt are definitely more of the modern look, but I used a grey hat with contrast piping to reflect the uniform styles from the 1920’s. Gold feather earrings were my way of adding a nod to the mascot, without those enormous real feather earrings jutting out from under a ball cap. I also got super lucky, and managed to find a St. Louis company that makes fantastic wood watches – hours of scouring the interwebs for some locally made accessories finally paid off!


feather earrings

Cardinals t-shirt



Cardinals hat

watch by JORD

red sandals

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  1. This is super nice. I could see someone wearing this almost anywhere in the summertime. I can totally imagine the adaptations I could make to reflect my style and expression and definitely not to reflect the Cards, haha.

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