St. Louis Cardinals Style – Day 2!

We’re a day early for throwback Thursday, but the 80’s resurgence waits for no one!

Today I’m paying (tasteful) homage to the St. Louis Cardinals’ uniforms of the 1980’s. For some reason, perhaps the absurd amount of cocaine usage in the league at the time, several teams decided to ‘update’ their looks in the 70’s and 80’s. The result being lots of color blocking, bold stripes, and lots of powder blue. It made sense for the Royals, and even the Blue Jays, who had them as part of their team colors, but the Expos, Phillies, and Cardinals decided to don fully powder blue unis as well. I did some digging and found this old ESPN article explaining that powder blue road uniforms actually dated back to 1941(!) when the Cubbies tried them out for the first time. That being said, I still think the drugs must’ve had a slight influence in the color decision, becuase, WOW, those things were bold.

I wanted to tone the look down a bit, so rather than doing an entire powder blue suit, a la Dumb and Dumber, I opted for a slightly muted version of the blue in a chino. It’s not usually something I would think to buy for a guy, but J. Crew makes it work, and look effortless. I mixed in a white button down and red belt, like the players, some comfy loafers, and a Cardinals hat that looks close to the same era of the blue uniforms. My favorite piece of this outfit, though, is definitely the wallet. I found very few accessories locally made in St. Louis, but I did stumble upon this great, locally-made wallet by the baseball glove company, Rawlings, complete with red baseball stitching up the middle. Icing, meet cake.




St. Louis hat

Rawlings baseball wallet

red belt


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  1. Holy moly, this is so stylin’. As an 80s kid, I have a serious affinity toward the powder blues for every team that used them. This, though, brilliantly throws back to the old look while achieving a modern, tasteful style. Thumbs up.

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