SF Giants Style – Day 2!

“You gotta like these kids!” – Giants slogan from the 80’s

Honestly, how could you not, right now? The San Francisco Giants are completely crushing the NL West at the moment, sitting a comfortable 5.5 games ahead of the second place Dodgers. There’s even rumors of bringing back outfielder Carlos Beltran from the Yankees, though I’m not sure what the Giants would need to part with to secure that. As a Met fan, though, I say go for it! I loved having Carlos on our team, even when he was an injured or slumping mess – he’s still a good dude to have in the clubhouse.

As it’s still the season of June Gloom (the 1-2 month long period of early summer where the heavy marine layer keeps summer temps from showing up), I felt it was safe to do a warmer pairing for today. Also, for the first time since I began this site, I was able to create an ensemble made up entirely from locally made or designed pieces! That being said, it wasn’t difficult to find a nice Giants themed flannel shirt from a local SF company, and I actually found another great option complete with a seal-print lining (polite reminder – the Giants mascot is a seal)! As it’s a popular part of the culture, and product offering, in the Bay Area, I molded the rest of the outfit into a somewhat bike-messenger/rugged-outdoorsy look. It will certainly serve to keep you toasty while you’re fighting the winds off the bay, but I also suggest calling over that hot chocolate man who’s walking around in the 6th inning – he’ll hook you up quite nicely.


flannel shirt by Selfedge

jeans by Tellason

Giants hat by Mister

leather bracelet by Mister

sunglasses by FTC

keychain by Benny Gold

boots by Sutro Footwear


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