SF Giants Style – Day 1!

And so the June Gloom begins…

Apologies for the lag in posts again! I hit a bit of a wall when starting on the Giants, and today’s outfit had several other incarnations before settling into this state. This has also proven to be a more frustrating color palate to work with, as it always evokes a feeling of Halloween if not done correctly. I based today’s pairing off of the most common Giants home uniform, the all white/cream look with just black lettering piped in orange. I love that the Giants embrace the cream color, as opposed to white, more than say, the Dodgers, as it gives a feel of age and history to the jerseys. Hence, I did the same!

This Giants outfit is based off a cream color jumpsuit which, with a layered tank or scarf, could be work appropriate for a Bay Area startup. I considered doing a romper or shorts, but my experience going to Giants games has taught me that layers, and pants, will be your best defense against the winds coming in from McCovey Cove. Well, pants and those Gordon Biersch garlic fries – those’ll warm ya right up! I also added on a moto jacket from one of many local companies featured in this pairing, as it toughens up the flowy pantsuit, and adds in the next team color effortlessly. The black leather clutch also adds a touch of edge, but I feel like the transition pieces are the sunglasses and hat, as they mix the orange and black without looking garish. The locally made jewelry also adds in subtle touches of orange, while complementing the deep v neckline of the jumpsuit. Rather than orange socks, like the players, I opted for these very in-the-moment stacked heel mules in orange, which may serve for a challenging climb to your seat, for the less heel-adept. As always, accessorize at your own risk.

Go forth and be one of the best dressed, and locally shopped, fans at AT&T Park… maybe I’ll see you there in August when my MetsĀ are in town!



jacket by Amour Vert

Giants hat

sunglasses by Westward Leaning

clutch by Erica Tanov

ring by Jennifer Dawes Design

necklace by Melissa Joy Manning





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  1. I like how you went for the cream color. It’s absolutely the best thing about the Giants’ unis, imho, as it really is very reminiscent of the glory days of baseball. On top of that, I’m convinced it softens the harshness of the bright orange and black. Well done.

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