Seattle Mariners Style – Day 3!

Are you ready for some rally fries – because this girl is! Let’s kick things off with another Seattle Mariners outfit…

Spring training exercises have begun, so I’m popping out of my hibernation and thawing out the site by continuing with some fabulous fan fashion. Allow me to share a tasty Mariners tidbit that I found in my team research, involving some lucky concessions. The story goes, that back in 2007, a fan tried to catch a foul ball in the stands, spilling their fries in the process. One of the Seattle announcers noticed this and had his team send the fans new order of fries, which prompted future attendees to make signs requesting them. When the call was answered for fries at other games, the Mariners seemed to come back and rally in losing scenarios, thus the delicious tradition/superstition of Rally Fries were born. Alas, the gifting of potatoey goodness seems to have tapered off in recent years, but as a fry-fanatic, I felt a small obligation to share it with you.

Also, as I’ll be attending a few Mariners/Mets games this season, y’all better save me some fries 😉

Today’s look is inspired by a few looks trending at the moment, namely turtlenecks and sweatshirts over dresses. I went with a mock-turtleneck dress, and based the color scheme around this sweatshirt with desaturated Seattle Mariners colors from their royal blue and yellow phase (which is more of a steel blue and mustard in this incarnation.) Though not included, I totally picture this with some slouchy wool socks or cable-knit tights to stay warm, but, of course, layer to your own comfort – I know it’s cold up there! I included some great locally made rings and wallet to highlight the faded team colors, and even topped it all off with some trident earrings, just like the Mariners logo. Hope you Seattle-ites enjoy it, and I’ll see you at your lovely Safeco Field in late July!

mock neck dress



trident earrings

citrine ring by Diana Fakhoury

pyrite ring by Michelle Lenae Jewelry

wallet by Moxie and Oliver

boots (sold out); similar ones here

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