San Diego Padres Style – Day 4!

Finding the sunshine in San Diego…

Well clearly, that’s not hard to do, but I’m actually referring to the newest change in the team colors. This season the Padres finally dropped their coastal theme, and started bringing back some of their old style, by swapping the ‘sand’ for a sunshine-y yellow that they began with back in 1969. The Friars even occasionally rock alternate jerseys with the full ’69 color scheme mixing in brown as well, but for the most part, they stick to their navy/yellow/white mix.

You may notice in today’s pairing that I mixed in a camo wallet. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the Pads, this may seem like an odd choice, so let me explain. San Diego, and the surrounding area, is home to several military organizations, so the team was actually the first to host a military appreciation event back in 1996. Later on they adapted a camouflage alternate jersey to honor the troops, and often host members of the military for free, not unlike my Mets do during Fleet Week in New York! Hence, I wanted to include a camo piece, as a major part of the Padres is honoring the military.

Good luck Padres – I’ll be back to visit you next year when my Mets are in town!

MensPadresOutfit02 Padres tee


Padres hat

belt by HEMPY’S

camo wallet

chukka boots


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