San Diego Padres Style – Day 3!

We’re going for the gold today!

Moving into the next evolution of the Pads, we transition into the Golden Era! Well, perhaps not in their playing, as they haven’t been to a World Series since 1998. Rather, I’m referring to the decade or so when the Padres ditched the orange from their team colors and swapped in a strange beige-y gold color into their repertoire. The team describes the color as ‘sand’, and even incorporated waves into their logo, but the several times I saw it in person while attending games at Petco Park (home to the Friars we speak of) or in the team store, I don’t think I’d have been so charitable with the naming. A more accurate description would be ‘baby food pears blended with pug fur’ or maybe ‘zombie flesh’… actually that makes it sound far cooler than it was. Regardless, the team kept this color until just last year when they, thankfully, came to their senses.

Not one to shy away from a challenge (I am a Mets fan, after all) I spent a good chunk of time to whip up an outfit that I would be proud to wear, Padres fan or not. The colors may not be the *exact* match to what the team had just last year, but I felt it was close enough to honor them. I actually veered the color selection a bit more towards gold, as opposed to ‘sand’, as Petco Park just hosted the All-Star Game a mere month ago, and the hat the Pads have with the gold star adornment was just too perfect! I also found a few more great local pieces in this relatively small market, which include the clutch by Idyllwild Designs, and the earrings with great navy lapis by All That Glitters Jewelry Co., so stock up on the great San Diego-made goods!


Padres shirt



Padres cap

earrings by All That Glitters Jewelry Co.

San Diego ring

clutch by Idyllwild Designs



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