Pokémon GO Style Special!

Hey, the baseball players have most of this week off, so I’m taking a quick detour…

What better way to dip my toe into the pool of other fandoms than with the (slightly buggy) release of Pokémon GO! I spent the weekend walking around snagging those adorable lil pocket monsters and having a fantastic time. I already tend to leave my car parked all weekend and stroll around the city, but this time I ended up clocking around 12km just on Saturday. In new shoes. Lesson. Learned.

Something I *did* notice while traipsing about all weekend, was how wonderfully cute my trainer outfit was, and how, surprisingly, there didn’t seem to be any for sale! I know all the cosplay seamstresses are booked up with Comic-Con right around the corner, so I took it upon myself to throw together a version of my trainer’s outfit, as best I could, taking a few liberties here and there. Then, realizing it may be a tiny bit over the top for every-day wear, I also created a more simple version with some Poké-inspired pieces. Compare all the goodies below, complete with links, and get out there to catch ’em all!

Trainer_K PokeTrainer01PokeTrainer02









Pokémon Trainer Outfit: choker, romper, jacket, white shorts, belt, pokéball buckle, gloves, leggings, sneakers, hat (sans logo)

Pokémon Daytime Outfit: romper, jacketpokéball earringspokéball necklace, bag (doesn’t entirely match, but it totally looks like a pokéball!), shoes


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