Pittsburgh Pirates Style – Day 4!

“There’s a lot of heredity in that family.” -Ralph Kiner

Wrapping up the extended week of Pirates pairings, I thought I’d leave you with another Kiner quote that reminds me of the 1979 team, who had an incredible 98-64 record, and used “We Are Family” as their theme song. It seems to have stuck somewhat, as it still pops up on t-shirts in the team shop, and I really dig the feeling of camaraderie it embue for a small-market team of underdogs.

Much to my chagrin, the Pirates trounced my Mets yesterday in both games of a double-header. As is common with my team, they had great pitching but a sorry offensive showing, and Pittsburgh took the opportunity handed to them to shine. It was great seeing Jon Niese, a Met until a few months ago, have such a commanding presence on the mound for the Pirates. He’s definitely come into his own, and, even though it’s rough to watch him win against us, it’s nice to see him thrive.

Today’s pairing is a bit more casual than what I usually do. I think, looking through all the Pittsburgh pages and clothes for inspiration, I landed on something a bit more factory worker themed, thinking of the steel industry the city is famous for, and steel toed boots.  The rest is comfy and self explanatory, but you could easily button up the shirt and lose the hat to dress the look up. Good luck today, Pirates, but if you could maybe let us have this game and not sweep my Mets, I’d be ever so grateful – I have my own double-header slated for tonight when I start covering the Angels 😉


Pirates tee

flannel shirt



Pirates socks


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  1. I dig this. I would totally wear this on a hike through the Appalachian mountains. (A friend who is the biggest Pirates fan I know hails from West Virginia, so I often associated WV things with the Bucs. I know, it’s weird.) Also, while blue in all its varieties is definitely my favorite color, the mustard yellow/gold here is easily my second favorite color. Totally favor any outfit that incorporates yellow nicely into it.

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