Pittsburgh Pirates Style – Day 3!

“If Casey Stengel were alive today, he’d be spinning in his grave.” -Ralph Kiner on the former Mets/Yankees manager

Another day and another wonderful Kiner quote to start things off. My Mets are currently playing a double-header against the Pittsburgh Pirates, so it’s the perfect time for a new post with lots of locally made pieces!

Today’s outfit actually features a brand actually associated with football! The jeans are from Uptown Sweats – a line designed by the wife of the Pittsburgh Steeler’s coach. I love that these are comfy, yet still very stylish, and so I kept the same vibe going with a straw fedora. I layered a Pirates tee with an open cardigan/vest in the team yellow, then mixed in a necklace with a rusted steel charm that features one of the bridges in the Pittsburgh area. If you’re not familiar with Steel Town, you can probably guess that it’s famous for its past in steel exports and is cut into by 3 rivers (hence the old Pirates stadium being called Three Rivers Stadium,)

To work in some of the vintage grey wool jerseys, I found a small grey phone case from Moop, another local shop. I then included a purse from a recent Pittsburgh transplant, but with a limited number of local designers, and how super cute her deisgns are, I felt her roots in PA more than warranted the use of the bag. To wrap everything up, I tracked down some stacked heels that have the infamous black and white piratey striping. These shoes are still comfortable enough to keep the entire outfit feeling casual, but look nice enough for a round of drinks before the ballgame.


Pirates tee

yellow cardigan vest

pants by Uptown Sweats

straw fedora

phone case by Moop

Steel Town necklace by Audra Azoury

bag by Jenny N Design

stacked heels

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