Pittsburgh Pirates Style – Day 1!

“Solo homers usually come with no one on base.”

The above gem is one of many from former Pirate, Ralph Kiner, who was a shining star for the sagging team from 1946 through 1953. He later became an announcer and post-show host for my beloved NY Mets, only recently passing away in 2014. His quirky, unintentional one-liners will be the headlines for the outfit posts this week, and I hope they bring you a little smile, as they do for me.

I was slightly worried about the Pirates pairings, based on their bumble-bee-esque color scheme, but after researching their uniform history, I adjusted to the highly contrasted mix. I think the key in the black and yellow working together is to either do it very subtly (like the blazer below) or VERY deliberately – a visually pleasing mid ground doesn’t seem to exist. I managed to find a handful of designers in Pittsburgh, including the companies that make the clutch and necklace in today’s outfit, and was pleasantly surprised with the offerings from such a small city. I was also happy to find a way to pay homage to the older look of the Pirates, black and yellow pinstripes in the blazer, and update the style with a shorter dress, layered necklace and choker, and stacked heels. Enjoy, me mateys! 😉



Pirates hat

pirate necklace

choker by Studebaker Metals

clutch by Rosewood Boutique


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  1. I get the feeling that in Pittsburgh, going full bumblebee is totally acceptable*, what with all their major franchises wearing the same colors. That note aside, I think you’ve nailed creating an outfit that shows off Pittsburgh pride and is fashionable in any city.

    *I have definitely never been to Pittsburgh.

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