New York Yankees Style – Day 1!

Pinstripes – they’re not just for Wall Street!

The Yankees stand out in my mind as one of the teams with the most dedication to preserving their past. They played in the same stadium for ¬†around 80 years before building a new one in 2009 with monuments to their best players, and a very similar design aesthetic to the old Yankee Stadium. They also kept the same name for their new home, as the Yanks didn’t need heavy sponsorship like almost all other teams do. As Mel Brooks once said, “It’s good to be the king!”

Another consistency in the Yankee timeline has been their uniform. The Bronx Bombers have been sporting nearly the same exact uniform for over 100 years, and haven’t fallen victim to trends, like the powder blue era of the early 80’s. Lucky for me, finding clothing pinstripes in dark navy has proven far more fruitful than the royal blue of the Mets and Cubbies stripes, hence my excitement for this week’s outfits. Today’s pairing is an effortless dress with flouncy draping to contrast the structure of the pinstriped fabric. Even though I know the Yanks wear navy belts, I decided to work the red in their logo in as a belt, as well as in the earrings. All the wonderful accessories on the left of the image, save for the Yankee hat, are from local New York designers. I’m incredibly grateful that there’s such a wide selection of talent to choose from in NYC – doesn’t matter what borough, there’s great work everywhere you turn!





Yankees hat

subway to Yankee Stadium ring by Shahla Karimi

earrings by Me & Ro Jewelry

clutch by Kempton & Co

sandals by Modern Vice

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  1. You didn’t exactly mention it, but I like the gold touches in the accessories. I feel like this franchise deserves a little gold thrown in, given that they have nearly 2.5 times as many World Series titles as the next best franchise, 27 world championships vs. 11 for the Cardinals. As much as a hard pill that is to swallow, it sure is an accomplishment, and subtleties like that are much nicer than outright boasting, haha.

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