New York Mets Style – Day 3!

Today I’m sharing another two outfits I’ve put together with a few more Mets touches…

I’ve been hunting for the perfect orange and blue plaid shirt (or even fabric!) for well over a year. The royal blue and bold orange of the Mets has proven to be a really difficult combination to pull off without looking circus-y or just plain tacky. I found lots of navy, but the slightly brighter royal or cobalt blue sets off orange in a pretty powerful way, often resulting in something almost visually offensive, haha.

Another thing I noticed during my research is the dearth of colorful contrast piping in everyday, non-sports clothing. Let me explain – if you look at this picture of our captain, David Wright, the blue accent line running down the front of his jersey and the side of his pant leg is what’s known as piping. Outside of sports, I’m finding it’s pretty rare to see colorful piping used, especially in the way it is on the jerseys. In a perfect world, I’d have a pair of away-grey ponte-knit pants with a cute stripe of royal blue piping down the side, but, alas, they don’t seem to exist. I may need to start sewing one of these days…

However, I was fortunate enough to find an awesome men’s leather duffle bag in grey, with blue piping, just like the uniforms. It makes the outfit look like it’s a Met traveling between games, if you ask me! I paired it with a plaid shirt in slightly faded Mets colors, and included a zoom so you can properly see the full pattern. The women’s outfit has one of my absolute favorite hats, starring our beloved mascot, Mr. Met, as well as two necklaces I found that look like the script and skyline in our logo. I wish I could have included more pinstripes, as I have many more pieces of it on my Mets Pinterest wall, but I found it challenging to make more than one style of outfit with them. Also, both outfits include pieces from Polo Ralph Lauren – my little nod to the Polo Grounds days.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on my pairings, or if you have a favorite piece you’d like me to dress up for you – I love a challenge!






leather duffle bag

shoes, in taupe suede




MetsWomensOutfit3 Mr. Met hat

orange tank

grey cardigan

white jeans


New York necklace  &  NY skyline necklace

clutch in cobalt


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