New York Mets Style Day 2!

So on this amazin’ day of the Mets home opener, I’m posting a mens and womens pairing with tops from the local fan shop, The 7 Line

A little explanation: the 7 line is the train that runs from Manhattan all the way out to Citi-Field (and, when it still stood, our beloved Shea Stadium) in Flushing, Queens. The company was started several years back by a local fan, and has since garnered a massive following known as The 7 Line Army. They even hop around the country to a few away games per year, still drawing crowds of 1000+ Met fans!

The outfits I put together are decidedly more west coast style, as my mind is already a month away, for when we meet up with The 7 Line Army in San Diego! There are pieces from other NY designers as well, including Kate Spade and Tory Burch, as well as a favorite out here in California, Toms. Ideally, the jacket below would have been a ladies-fit replica of the Han Solo one, but that’s another fandom for another day 😉



cropped M top, from The 7 Line

grey maxi skirt

jacket in mocha

crossbody bag in orange crush

cork wedges





1987 tee, from The 7 Line


pants in dark blue

hat in orange


leather flip flops in dark tan


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  1. That men’s look is my jam. I’d like to rock it every day. I love the away look on both outfits. I always have more fun getting into the games when I feel a little more connected to the team in little ways like adding gray when the Metsies are away or changing my cap to match whichever cap the team’s wearing. 👍

  2. Not to inundate with comments, but I also wanted to mention how much I like that the construction of the cardigan hints at pinstripes. Really thoughtful, Kay. Amazin’!

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