New York Mets Style Day 1

Cute Mets outfit with pinstripes

So during my research into baseball-inspired fashion, I’ve learned a few things that shaped this New York Mets outfit….

Namely, that finding the right width and color of pinstripe to be close to matching the uniforms is very difficult. The skirt in this Mets outfit was one of the few pieces I could hunt down. I really like the detailing down the front, but I wouldn’t usually choose a mini skirt, were it not for those stripes.

The look is specifically based on one version of the Mets home uniforms where they wear a blue jersey with their striped pants. I threw in an apple necklace, inspired by the ‘big’ apple that pops up when the Mets hit a home run.┬áLastly, I included a ring by Kate Spade, as her company is so very New York-centric.

What do you think?



sweater, in neon cantaloupe






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