Minnesota Twins Style – Day 4!

Double your pleasure, double your fun… That’s right, twin posts (well, nearly!)

This pairing is, basically, the men’s version of the women’s outfit in yesterday’s post. I was curious to see if the grey tee/white jeans look worked the same across the board, so I whipped this up and was pleased with how it turned out! I feel like pure white jeans for men is a bit too Miami Vice (maybe I’ll save that for the Marlins coverage…) so I went with a nice worn, cream color, as that always makes me think of vintage jerseys.

I dug up several more Minnesota-based brands and wrangled this great Puckett tee and matching accessories. I confess, I triple checked the company info for Red Wing Shoes, as the name just makes me instinctively think Detroit. However, they are, indeed, based out of Red Wing, Minnesota, so enjoy their handiwork, as well as the other great local goods in this Twins-tastic outfit. Good luck with your season, Twins fans, and may the force be with you!

MensTwinsOutfit02 Kirby Puckett shirt by Minnesota Awesome


watch by Taki Watches

Twins hat

belt by Red Wing Heritage

sandals by Bokos

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