Minnesota Twins Style – Day 2!

Maybe save some of those home runs for the other games, guys?

So, Minnesota managed to eek out one win in their 3 games series against the Yankees this weekend, but they seem to be suffering from the same problem as my dear Mets. The Twins racked up 6 home runs in one game yesterday, to crush the Yanks in a 7-1 final score, but that begs the question: where are these hits during the other games? For your sake, Minnesotans, I direly hope your guys aren’t as adept at leaving runners on as my Mets are, because nobody deserves hurt like that. Big high-five for taking down the Yankees finally, though – you Twinkies deserve that!

No I didn’t make that up – I encountered the name ‘Twinkies’ on several fan shirts, but it seems to be questionable amongst some fans. Thoughts?

Today’s pairing is a mix of Midwest goodies, and makes a great pairing to go from a brunch date to a ball game. I know that’s my idea of a perfect Sunday, after all 😉 I haven’t been able to pin down strictly Twin Cities-area brands, so I’ve included a range of products from the entire state of Minnesota. I’ll keep hunting for more, but it’s a rather narrow selection to choose from. Luckily, the local companies I did discover have a very high standard of quality, and I ended up with some excellent options for the outfit below.


shirt by Hammermade


Twins hat

sunglasses by UNRL

wallet by Sota Clothing

moccasins by Minnetonka Moccasins

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