Milwaukee Brewers Style – Day 4!

I like to call this look “Mid-West Coast”…

I’ve taken a little extra time to refine the Brewers pairings, so admittedly this is more like a 12-day stretch rather than a week, but, like the fermentation of a tasty beer, quality things take time. A Milwaukee fan by the name of Milt Mason also realized this, when, in 1970, he vowed to sit atop the scoreboard until the team could draw a crowd of 40,000 to the stadium. However, as the Brewers were only a year old at this point, it took a reported 40 days for this to occur, after which he “slid down a rope from his perch sustaining burns to his hands and legs“, and the first version of Bernie Brewer was born. Luckily the team implemented a safer version of this celebratory slide in a very literal sense. The newer version of Bernie Brewer was built a “beer-barreled chalet” from which he would descend down a slide into a giant beer stein. Words cannot express my girlish glee at the awesomeness and creativity behind Milwaukee’s assorted cast of costumed characters.

For today’s Brewer’s outfit, I considered going for the typical t-shirt layering under a flannel that so many men still sport, but I felt like Wisconsin needed a breath of fresh air… from the West Coast, specifically. I paired together a nice pair of navy pants and a trendier Brewers tee with an open cardigan and some classic slip-on chucks. Normally I don’t think I’d choose this type of sweater for a guy, but I love that it softens up the sporty edge and balances out the tee and ball cap effortlessly. I also found some wooden sunglasses that nearly match the Brewer’s newer incarnation of their colors, and even managed to work in a gnarly locally made piece. The bottle opener (so chosen for a team named for the beer industry) is also a pry tool, and is hand-crafted from high-carbon steel in Milwaukee. Bravo, local metal-smith – that’s a fine piece of work. It makes for the perfect accessory at a nice autumn bonfire, be it on the beach or in the burbs, so order one up and enjoy, my good Brewers fans!



Brewers tee



Brewers cap


bottle opener by BCoffeyMetalSmith




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