Milwaukee Brewers Style – Day 2!

Somehow “I lost my shirt at the sausage races” just doesn’t sound quite right…

Miller Park, the home of the Brewers, has a wonderful tradition that I’m endlessly amused by: The Sausage Race. Not unlike the Presidential Race of the Washington Nationals, the Brew Crew has a race of costumed competitors in the bottom of every sixth inning game at home. Milwaukee actually started this back in the 90’s, so the Nat’s can’t lay claim to the idea, however I do find bobble-headed presidents brawling for a win slightly more entertaining. At Miller Park, a variety of meats, each sporting bits of their native culture in an over-the-top fashion, duke it out to see which wiener reigns supreme, flopping about all the way. For a fully detailed, and far more hilarious description, hop on over to The Eephus Podcast episode 24 – those guys are my go-to for so much obscure baseball knowledge that keeps me cackling through the day 🙂

Going in a slightly different direction, I went with a bit of a dressier men’s look today, working in the more teal of the powder blue uniforms, and layering on a cardigan with navy accents. The Brewers switched from royal blue to navy in the mid 1990’s, but I still enjoy a nod to the old away unis of the two decades prior, which is where the light blue shirt comes in. Admittedly, this look is pretty heavily based off the J.Crew look the cardigan came from (see its link below), but I tried to mix it up with some local accessories and color swaps here and there. I couldn’t help but add in a pair of glasses made from Milwaukee lumber to this already awesomely bookish look, I mean, hey, they worked for Wild Thing Rick Vaughn – they might help you see the game better! Another bonus in the locally made wallet I found is the accent yellow stitching which perfectly coordinates with the tie – adorned, of course, with a Brewers tie bar. The Clarks boots I mixed in keep this whole outfit young, but still professional enough for say a casual Friday. I mean, it’s better than coming to work dressed as a giant sausage.






Brewers hat

glasses by Proper Eyewear

wallet by Booth and Commerce


Brewers tie bar



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