Milwaukee Brewers Style – Day 1!

We’re taking it back to the powder blues!

What better way to start off coverage for a team than to pay homage to their decades (nearly 2) of using powder blue instead of the typical grey for their away uniforms. This was the era of the lifelong Brewer, Robin Yount, who began with the team in 1974 and spent the next two decades in Milwaukee, becoming a rock for the rest of the players. Rockin Robin also holds a large number of team records, owing both to his talent and his spending his entire career with one club, was a three-time All Star, and even came back as a bench coach for the team in 2005. He definitely stands out in my childhood memories of ballplayers, as the most memorable Brewer, but, as I was around 9 when he finished playing, I knew him for his ever-growing, impressive facial hair that made me confuse him for Dennis Eckersly far too often.

So, to show some love to the Brew Crew of old, today’s outfit is based off their old road colors, with some nice transitional pieces for the impending autumn weather. I chose a powder blue sweater in super soft cashmere to layer over a pencil dress in a deep royal. The old away uniforms were actually light blue from head to toe, save for a few striping accents, but I saw fit to break up the look, and pack the colors into other places, like the yellow Brewers hat and coordinating, locally made, clutch. I also mixed in some jewelry from Milwaukee designers, including a little more of the deep blue in a lapis necklace, before rounding out the entire pairing with some low, lace-up, stacked heels that bring out the deeper neutrals in the bag fabric. Of course, you could swap in a fancier heel for an office look, but I keep it simple, and ballpark-accessible here – maybe layer a navy or ivory jacket in over the next couple weeks, because it’s about to get chilly!




Brewers hat

necklace by Cival Collective

bracelet by Ann Kat Designs

clutch by Permanent Baggage




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