Miami Marlins Style – Day 4!

You can still look fine supporting your Fish without looking like a crayola box just melted onto your clothes.

Of course I considered pairing a Marlins tee with a white blazer and pants, and going full Miami Vice, but I just couldn’t see too many people my age actually wearing that to a ballgame. I realize the Marlins colors are a bit overpowering for most people to work into an everyday outfit, and of course that translates to their team apparel as well.

Today’s look is my go-to for dressing up a difficult tee and team logo – a stylish blazer and pair of dark jeans. Now while a t-shirt may seem very run-of-the-mill, and not out of place in the south of Florida, it’s the combo of the blazer and fantastic local accessories that serve to elevate the entire look to a style befitting of Miami. In terms of working in the team colors, I took some liberties. There aren’t any overt pops of yellow besides in the logo on the hat, but the wood from the sunglasses has a nice golden tone, and the belt, while not the bright turquoise in the logo, is a subtler version that still pairs well with the hat. Also, I didn’t include one, but a pocket square with some of the team colors would weave that much more of the Marlins into the look. They key is to be creative in your interpretations of the colors – stay classy, Miami!


Marlins tee



Marlins cap

sunglasses by TV Head Co.

bracelet by itcomesDesign

belt by Miansai



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