Miami Marlins Style – Day 3!

Lesson of the day: don’t ever search for the hashtag #miami on Instagram after 9pm…

…trust me on this – you’re gonna get a lot of inappropriate images if you do! I know style in Miami is *very* different from the rest of the states, so I wanted to be sure I put together something that reflects what the locals wear. Good intentions, but less than awesome results. Regardless, I still managed to put together an outfit for Marlins fans that should get them from game to girls night out effortlessly, and all while sporting team gear and colors!

One thing I noticed in a lot the images of Miami locals was a LOT of skin (and more power to them – they looked fabulous!) but I wanted to be sure that this would be an outfit that you could still wear to the Marlins game and feel comfortable. This is why I opted for an angular skort that looks like leather – it embodies the fun, somewhat racy Miami style but, because they’re shorts, allow for a healthy amount of decency when you’re jumping up from your seat to cheer. I also saw a lot of skin-tight clothing on the locals, which is the whole reason I picked the Marlins tank in this pairing, but I know if I was wearing it, I’d want a structured piece over top. Honestly, if you’re going to be downing a helmet of nachos or something equally delicious, having a blazer you can button over your midsection, in my experience, is a good strategy.

Now the Marlins colors are a bit of an adventure to work into an outfit without making it look like you’ve just walked out of a tropical circus, so I used them solely in the accessories for this pairing. A dash of yellow in some citrine earrings, a pop of turquoise in a locally made ring, and a hit of the team’s predominant accent color in a red-orange Fendi bag. After hunting for a piece of jewelry with a marlin that didn’t look like it was from a tourist shop, I settled on a simple little slim chain necklace with a small marlin charm, that would look just right on the more open decolletage the tank top allows. I finished the entire look off with a pair of stacked heel mules, which should be sturdy enough for comfort, but, as always, if you can’t handle stairs, do NOT wear any kind of heel to a stadium. You don’t want to break a leg and miss the game – no one will look good then 😉

WomensMarlinsOutfit02 Marlins tank



Marlins cap


marlin necklace

ring by Nix Jewelry




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