Miami Marlins Style – Day 2!

Showing some love to the days of the Florida Marlins…

As the Marlins have only recently been denoted as the ‘Miami Marlins’, I thought I’d pay homage to their earlier color scheme of teal and orange. Hey, it got them to the World Series twice, whereas their rebranding… well let’s just say it hasn’t made its full impact yet. Also, with football season nipping at the heels of my beloved baseball, don’t you want an outfit sporting team colors for both sports? Well never fear, men of Miami – I’ve got you covered!

Today’s pairing is great because of its versatility – it can easily be dressed up as work wear, or you could roll up your sleeves and hit the ballpark. I opted to style the more casual look, but I also tested this out with black pants and shoes, and it’s fit for any businessman, especially in such a colorful city! I opted for a teal shirt that’s just slightly less bold than the old Florida Marlins teal, as nobody wants to look like they’re in a wedding party from the late 70’s, and went with deep grey jeans. The orange hat is the only overt orange in the outfit, but I also found some great socks that have orange and teal as well.

With a fair bit of hunting, I also found a locally made wallet with teal stitching (definitely click the product link for a closeup of this beauty) and absolutely had to feature it. The mix of a creamy leather and colorful thread just seemed perfect for Miami, and still very classy. Of course, you can always throw on some sandals instead of the chukka boots I found, but that seems more Cali style than Florida style. As always, the most important thing is to make the look your own, and rep your Fish while looking fine!




Marlins cap



wallet by Half Moon Leather


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