Meet the Mets!

I couldn’t wait any longer (and decided to time my posts differently) so we’re starting early with your brief rundown of my beloved New York Mets…

The New York Mets began in 1962, several years after the New York Giants (baseball team, in this case) and Brooklyn Dodgers moved to San Francisco and Los Angeles, respectively. As a reflection of the melting pot that is New York, the Mets uniforms include the blue of the Dodgers, the orange of the Giants, and the pinstripes of the Yankees. As the younger, less grandiose team in New York, the Mets are often looked on as the fun-loving underdogs, and go by the motto “Ya Gotta Believe” coined by Tugg McGraw (father of Tim McGraw, for anyone who’s keeping track!)

The Mets spent their first two seasons playing at the Polo Grounds, so,┬áinspired by that, I’m including pieces from Polo by Ralph Lauren.┬áI also plan to pair up a couple tees from the local company The 7 Line, created by Mets fans, for Mets fans, as well as a few other little quirky surprises and references that I’ll explain along the way.

So buckle up, cue the Mets theme song, and I hope you enjoy some of the outfits to come!


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