LA Dodgers Style – Day 2!

A long time ago, on a coast far, far away…

…the Brooklyn Dodgers decided to uproot their team, and move to Los Angeles. Still, as a transplanted east coast girl, myself, I’m using this opportunity to show some love to both coasts. Every item in the pairing today is from an LA-based company, save for the Dodgers tee. However, as today is May the 4th, I felt it my duty to include a Star Wars t-shirt, even if it is worn under the button-down. I run an equal opportunist fan site, here 😉

Now, besides the tee, I selected the grey chambray shirt as an homage to the old grey wool jerseys, and in LA, that’s dressy enough for most offices. The jeans are from a company split between LA and NY, so I felt that was appropriate based on the Dodger’s past. I also added in a Brooklyn Dodgers hat, sold by an LA store, but made by a company called Ebbets Field Flannels (the name of their old stadium in Brooklyn.) The wood sunglasses practically screamed LA style, and the boots reminded me of old baseball gloves, weaving together all these subtle tributes to Dodgers history.

Go blue, and May the 4th be with you.

DodgersMensOutfit01 shirt from Rogue Territory

 jeans from Talley

hat from Bluer, by Ebbets Field Flannels

sunglasses by Sires Eyewear

Star Wars Dodgers shirt

boots by Broken Homme




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  1. Haha, who knew you could get baseball-Star Wars crossover shirts? Thanks for heads that! May the Fourth be with you, too.

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