LA Dodgers Style – Day 1!

Starting the week off with one of my fave ballgame outfits for this desert climate…

That’s right, we’re back to rompers! They come off dressier than simple shorts, yet are comfortable and casual. Since the Dodger uniforms are almost entirely white, I stuck with a romper in the same color, but with a bonus lace detail on the short. I’ve been enjoying the blog Cupcakes & Cashmere for several years, so I’m thrilled I can feature this romper, designed by the author herself! To balance out the innocence of the white and lace, I paired in a leather jacket in away-grey by Paige, another popular LA-based brand. I’m actually wondering why I don’t own this piece already – it really would go with everything I own. No easy task, I assure you.

The accessories I chose are based around a little trolley charm I found as a reference to the history behind the Dodgers’ name (see yesterday’s post.) To add in the tiny hint of red from the uniforms, I found garnet earrings from another LA company, Stella & Bow, but I would also either do a severe red lip or red nails for just that little extra touch. Then I threw in a Dodger blue clutch, from LA company BCBG… noticing a trend? To wrap everything up, I selected these perfect flat sandals from yet another LA staple, Rachel Zoe, as they ‘d be great for walking around all day, yet still glam enough for the evening with their gold detailing.

I still have a long week ahead with dozens and dozens of LA designers to sort through, so sit tight!



romper by Cupcakes & Cashmere

jacket by Paige

LA hat

trolley charm

garnet earrings by Stella & Bow

clutch by BCBG

wonderful sandals by Rachel Zoe

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  1. Very nice outfit. As always, I really appreciate the little details. In particular, the trolley referencing their trolley dodging past is clever, creative, and fun. Nice work on this look.

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