LA Dodgers Mom Style

Happy Mother’s Day to all you incredible mothers and mothers-to-be out there!

No major post today – just some fun pieces I couldn’t work into any outfits this week that I feel would be great for the lady Dodgers fan in your life. Coach has a new line of a few MLB team pieces, which I’ve been eyeing covetously, and you’ll see their LA keychain below. I also included a few great pieces I found on Etsy, which is always a wonderful resource for fan pieces when the MLB store doesn’t quite meet all your baseball accessory desires. The blue dress with the white detailing reminded me of an inverse Dodgers uniform, whereas the striped best works in the colors of the old wool uniforms in a fresh new way. Enjoy!

DodgerMoms LA Dodgers hat

Coach LA keychain

LA necklace

blue dress

grey and blue vest

striped boatneck dress

Dodgers tee




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  1. These are great. You have such an incredible eye. I really like that vest. Seems like it could be incorporated into a lot of outfits without too much trouble.

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