LA Angels of Anaheim Style – Day 2!

Clearly, these guys take their jobs very seriously…

…and I say that having just learned that, for the first decade or so, the Angels actually had halos on their caps! I wasn’t aware of the clever ring-around-the-hat situation, but definitely like the creativity.  I do, however, imagine it’s harder to sell the connection when you have a halo-ed ball player spitting tobacco or kicking dirt on the ump’s shoes, so I understand why they got rid of the very literal icon.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m quite partial to the older uniforms of the California Angels era. The team had a few years of some awful, overly cartoony, partially navy jerseys just after Disney took over, so the switch to an almost entirely red and white look certainly makes sense. That being said, I also have a fondness for the Tequila Sunrise stripes of the late 70’s Astros jerseys I referenced a while back, so perhaps that puts my judgement in to question 😉

For today’s pairing, I went a bit more dressed up than usual – after all, how often do you get to use a red blazer? If the blazer is a bit too drastic, however, it could easily be a cardigan, and the boots swapped for leather flip flops – then you’d look a bit more Orange County. I found a great selection of pieces from brands based in LA, some even manufactured there, and included as many as I could work in. As always, anytime I include a local brand with a team outfit, you’ll see the company name in the link, as opposed to just the name of the product. Also, I stepped away from my typical inclusion of gold-look accessories for this pairing, as the Angels list silver as a team color. This means that even those aviators below are repping your Angels pride, along with all the other awesome red and navy pieces. Go get your halo on in style, guys!



pants from American Apparel

California Angels hat

sunglasses from Crap Eyewear

pocket square from Combatant Gentleman

watch from The Garwood

boots from Generic Surplus

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  1. This is out of control cool. I love the blazer and the texture on the watch. Also, who knew the Angels have silver an official color? Why don’t they use that more?

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