LA Angels of Anaheim Style – Day 1!

Win one for the cowboy!

I realize the Angels seemingly have little to do with cowboys, but the first owner of the team was in fact Gene Autry, famous actor and performer known as The Singing Cowboy. Autry owned the team for their first 36 years of existence, so his presence is still honored by the Angels, regardless of the change in ownership and names. In fact, the number 26 is retired at Angels Stadium as the Angels consider Autry the 26th member on the team. Also, if you’re new to the game, that’s a nice little factoid for you – Major League Baseball teams operate with 25 players for most of the season. However, the first season and last months of the season, April and September, teams have a 40 man roster. This helps them ease out of Spring Training and weed out players that don’t work, and towards the end of the season they can sub in players for a weary team to prep for playoffs.

I spent a while hunting for local designers in Anaheim, but it’s not exactly the exploding bevy of talent that Los Angeles is. So seeing as LA is in the official team name, I decided that gave me a pass to explore more of their brands. Today’s pairing is my little homage to the team that I grew up with, the California Angels. As an avid baseball card collector for all of about 3 years, I became as familiar with the batting jerseys of teams as their playing ones, so this is what I picture when I hear ‘Angels Baseball’. I found an amazing Angels-esque handmade (in Mexico) shirt from an LA company, Staud, and everything after that fell into place. I must make special mention of the earrings, as well – these are handmade at the Downtown Women’s Center, where they help women of skid row fight poverty and get back on their feet. I’ve been a supporter of their work for a few years, but only just discovered their products, and I’m thrilled to share their great work! I hope you enjoy the outfit and learned a little something today as well. There’s plenty more to come!


shirt by Staud


Angels hat

sunglasses by Ahlem Eyewear

angels wings ring

earrings Made by DWC


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