Kansas City Royals Style!

We’re starting the season off with the reigning world champs, the Kansas City Royals…

The Royals were founded in 1969, but were not the first pro baseball team in KC – the Athletics and Monarchs played in the decades prior. Although their logo is a crown, the Royals actually are named for the American Royal Livestock Show, a tradition dating back to the late 1800s.

Besides winning the World Series last year and in 1985, the Royals are known for their powder blue and royal uniforms, a lion mascot with an unnervingly pointy crown head, and players like George Brett, Bret Saberhagen, and Amos Otis (famed for corking his bat for better performance!)

Factoring all that in, I’ve assembledĀ a few outfits featuring:
– cork wedges (not a slight against the Royals, Otis played on my Mets as well)
tasteful butterfly accessories as an homage to the KC Monarchs
– pieces made by Ocean & Sea, a local designer from Kansas City.

Congrats to the Royals, and, from one underdog team to another, I sincerely hope you guys have a great season!

(stay tuned next week for the next team on my list – my beloved NY Mets!)























And an alternate version of the above with a cardigan, in florida tide.

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  1. These outfits are sharp as all get out. I love the subtle cues and historical call-backs. Perfect for work then catching an evening game. Totally well thought-out. Love it, keep up the awesome work.

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