Houston Astros Style – Day 4!

Wrapping up this week of Astros outfits, on this (extremely) casual Friday…

Admittedly, today’s pairing skews more towards an LA or touch of Brooklyn style, which is the perfect way to lead into the Dodgers posts for next week. I managed to find a chill jacket with some Astros colors worked into the sides and decided to work from there. I felt like, even though the ‘Stros wear orange jerseys occasionally, it was a bit too much to pull off in this combo. Based on that, I went with a t-shirt from the local company H-Town Clothing Co, who found me on Instagram!

Now lately I’ve been pairing a lot of grey pants and jeans into these looks, as I always like the nod to the away uniforms, and they go with nearly everything. Instead, I decided to use these greenish khaki pants, to show that you can work in a neutral color into an outfit, even if it’s not part of the team spectrum. I then hunted down a Houston-based leather accessories designer, and mixed in one of her amazing sunglasses cases, for some more local flair. The Converse were really something I had planned to use all week, not just for their versatility and casual perfection, but also because they practically have the Astros logo on the side! I also enjoy that the hat I chose has a two-toned star, with just a hint of the old 70’s sunset gradient jerseys that we all love so much.

MensAstrosOutfit02 t-shirt from H-Town Clothing Co.




sunglasses case from Hatton Henry

converse, in mouse



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  1. Converse need to be worked into every outfit, quite frankly. 😉

    This is really chill. Definitely has that BK vibe to it, but who’s to say there aren’t any ‘Stros fans walking around Prospect Park? Stranger things have happened.

    Awesome work, as always.

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