Houston Astros Style – Day 2!

What, no cowboy boots?

No, I apologize, no cowboy boots here. While I do hope to learn more about the varying styles in each city, and incorporate some of that into these fan pairings, I have my limits. That being said, however, almost every piece in this outfit is from a store or designer in Houston, while still reflecting some (stylish) Astros pride.

The shirt is, pretty clearly, a Pendleton flannel, but it so perfectly wove in the Astros colors without looking cartoony, so I started with that. Also, it’s sold by a local Houston store, which was a bonus. The away-grey pants I added in impressed me the more I read about them. Made by a Texas manufacturer, these puppies are water/stain/wrinkle-resistant, and have stretch to them, so really, you can wear them to the office all day then take them to the ballpark with no fear of ruining them. The Houston-based store selling them also had the hat I chose, which lead me to discover an entirely new-to-me brand of incredible vintage hats and jerseys. That wooshing sound you just heard was my bank account rapidly emptying itself.

To wrap it all up with some leather pieces, I added in a keychain made by a Houston based company, Manready Mercantile,  who had a lot of nice man-grooming items as well. Then, a pair of custom shoes made by the local leather wizard, Maida’s, who’s been in existence since 1901. Lastly, I discovered that MLB actually makes leather wallets lined with game-used uniforms, and, I confess, I feel like that’s a tasteful, and fan-pleasing, use of them. Well done, there.

Is there anything else you’d have added/subtracted to this outfit? I’ll have a more relaxed men’s paring with a t-shirt on Friday, so stay tuned!



 shirt sold by Reserve Supply Company

pants by Inquiry, sold by The Class Room

Houston hat by Ebbets Field Flannels, sold by The Class Room

Texas key ring from Manready Mercantile

leather wallet with game-used uniform lining

custom made boots from Maida’s

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