Houston Astros Style – Day 1!

Based on the weather in Houston right now – I decided to build today’s outfit to beat the heat.

You can still look nice while dealing with the good ol’ Texas humidity by rocking a romper. The option below is actually an off-the-shoulder peasant top, and is super flowy, so you can survive the sun with little effort. I went casual with this look, as I’m realistic about what can be worn to a game comfortably, but if that weren’t the case, you can bet I’d have used this dress as an incredibly chic nod to the tequila sunrise-esque stripes that the Astros have worked back into their alternate uniforms this year. I’ll try and find another way to incorporate the nod to the 70’s unis at some point this week, though!

I spent several hours hunting through some of Houston’s local brands trying to find some pieces for this post, but there seemed to be a dearth of clothing beyond tees and some menswear. Oh, and lots of beard oil. Not sure what’s up with Houston and beard oil. I included a pair of earrings from a local company, Hello-Lucky, that I really enjoy, as well as a tiny star outline ring I found on Etsy, to subtly incorporate the Astros logo. I feel like the hat and blazer pairing give the whole look a bit more of a military style, so I lightened everything else up with the cute tasseled sandals. Hope you like it!

 orange peasant romper

navy blazer

tasseled sandals

Astros hat


earrings from Hello-Lucky

star ring






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  1. You had me at the alternate tequila sunrise dress. (I loved the tequila sunrise unis and remember them fondly, even though those are the unis that Mike Scott wore when he was DEFINITELY scuffing those balls.)

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