Colorado Rockies Style – Day 4!

Bundle up and get ready for the season!

Usually the start of the MLB season conjures thoughts of springtime – things in bloom, short sleeves, and warming temperatures. However, in several ballparks, including Coors Field, that doesn’t necessarily ring true. The home of the Rockies, being a mile above sea level, does occasionally get snowfall in April, and even May! Rather than building a domed field, the Colorado club had nearly 45 miles worth of heating coil laid under the turf to help melt the snow and keep the grass healthy in the chillier months. The heat does help, but it’s not a cure-all, as you can tell by some of these pictures of my Mets enjoying a snow day at Coors Field.

While I could have put together a Colorado Rockies outfit built for the elements, I decided on a more optimistic approach, and opted for a casual springtime look. I boldly went where few have gone before, and paired a Rockies tee with a pair of purple jeans. I think that layering the pants with a ton of neutral pieces balances out the ‘adventurous’ team color, making it wearable for almost any fan. Instead of using all black, I used tans and browns to bring more earth tones in, and help make the purple looks slightly less sporty, and a bit more stylish. The locally made ring from a state quarter was a nice touch, as I rarely include men’s jewelry, and the sunglasses and belt are made from Colorado artisans as well. This pairing screams Rockies pride on all levels, but without making you look cartoony – it’s styled for the win đŸ˜‰


Rockies tee



Rockies hat

Colorado ring by Midnight Jo

sunglasses by EQO Optics

belt by Last Exit





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