Colorado Rockies Style – Day 1!

The mile high club has a whole different meaning with this team…

The first two seasons of the Rockies existence, they didn’t yet have their own ballpark, and instead shared a field with the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium. Now, something important to realize about this location, and that of their current park, Coors Field, is that it has an elevation of around 5,200 feet (just 80 feet short of mile for anyone not keeping track.) Being up this high translates to much thinner air, making it the perfect hitters ballpark, and every pitchers nightmare. With some reports averaging 50% more runs and homeruns, Coors Field presents a significant challenge to any pitching staff. That’s why, in 2002, the Rockies club installed a massive humidor to store all the baseballs for the games – the balls stored in the drier, mountain air reacted differently when being hit. Unique problem, creative, if only partial, solution.

Creativity seems to be a common theme in the Rockies organization, and most visually evident in their ever-evolving uniforms, which I’ll be referencing all week as inspiration. Today’s fan outfit is based off the Colorado club’s foray into pinstripes on their away grey pants – something I don’t recall any other team trying. Reference from Uniform Critics below, photo credit to USA Today:

I was fortunate enough to track down pants that look *strikingly* similar to the Rockies striped away greys, and layered up this look as my modern interpretation of the old unis. I tracked down some adorable triceratops earrings in homage to the mascot, Dinger – more on him later, and found a locally made mountain ring to reflect the team name. Then I mixed in some mules, which are still in trend this season, and pops of purple throughout, including a leather cardholder handmade by another great Denver artist. Stay on your toes, Sharp Dressed Fans, there’s a lot more coming this week, including a whole new shade of purple that the team is introducing this season!




striped jeans

Rockies hat


triceratops earrings

mountain ring by Lovely Baubles Jewelry

purple card holder by Hazel Ray




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