Cleveland Indians – World Series Style Part 1!

Wonder of wonders, it’s finally happened!

That’s right, the Cleveland Indians have finally made it to the big game for the first time in nearly twenty years, and are set to face off against the Chicago Cubs, of all teams. Truly, it’s the season of the eternal underdog, and as a Mets fan, I can totally relate, and am thrilled for both sides! The feeling of this Series actually reminds me a bit of the 2004 WS game, and it may have something to do with the managerial ties both the Indians and Cubbies have to the Boston Red Sox of that season. The current manager of the Indians, Terry Francona, was the manager of the 2004 Sox team, and the current President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs, Theo Epstein, was the GM of the BoSox that year as well. Is it a coincidence that both teams have finally made it to the big game? Well, most likely, but I still love the possible parallel to a team I was so close to (no, literally, I worked about 100 feet across from the Green Monster while in school.) Let’s get this party started!

As I alluded to in my earlier Indians coverage, I’m choosing not to feature any pieces with the team mascot, as it offends, at the bare minimum, an entire race of people. Instead, I’m featuring a piece from a collaboration of Native American artists, to bring attention to the beauty of the culture, and hopefully can prompt a dialogue about the need to change certain team names and mascots. *Ahem* Stepping off my little soapbox, I put this outfit together with the postseason in mind, being sure to use a sweatshirt and jacket, but dressing up both with ivory skinny pants and some accessories made in Cleveland. The boots were, as Bob Ross used to say, a “happy accident” that I stumbled upon, and I love that they also evoke the feel of a tribal blanket while being perfectly trendy. Now get out there and make a statement supporting your team in a stylish (and a tad more politically correct, barring the hat) way for this awesome World Series!


Cleveland sweatshirt



Indians hat

earrings by Urban Dwellers

bracelet by Neeko, from Beyond Buckskin

clutch by Blair Ritchey



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