Cleveland Indians Style – Day 4!

Today I learned: Carlos Santana plays first base for the Cleveland Indians… When does he have time to play arena shows?

I kid, I kid – the Indians first baseman just happens to share a name with the famed musician, which provided my simple mind with endlessly entertaining images. Musician Carlos Santana cranking one out of the park with his guitar? Check. Musician Carlos Santana using one of his famed fedoras to catch a line drive to first? Check. Baseball player Carlos Santana shredding on stage bedecked in tie-dye and a leather jacket? Double check! Really the options here are endless, unlike what I was working with in today’s Indians pairing.

So, how *do* you dress up a hoodie? The same way you dress up any other top – with a blazer! Well, I guess you couldn’t dress up a blazer with another blazer, but I’m sure some store like Abercrombie has tried. Today’s Indians pairing is based around the hoodie tee you see below, but I was concerned its simplicity went against the level of style I strive for in these outfits. Enter the ever-reliable blazer, some locally made pieces with great attention to detail, and, of course, a leather boat shoe. I chose these after some digging through male fashion blogs and images of, and realized that you can only take a hoodie, something designed for comfort and utility, so far out of its element, and it’s not entirely realistic to imagine it past a casual style.


MensIndiansOutfit02 Cleveland Indians hooded tee



sunglasses by Rogue Eyewear

watch by Lum-Tec




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