Cleveland Indians Style – Day 3!

Maybe not the same tribe, but it’s time to expand your horizons!

I did some research last night and learned a bit about the Native American tribes based in Ohio, which include the Erie, Kickapoo, and Shawnee. From there, I discovered a wonderful site that specializes in selling products made by Native American designers, called Beyond Buckskin, which I plan on trying to use in future posts as well as today’s! While I didn’t find a piece by the afore-mentioned tribes, I still included a piece from the site to incorporate an homage to Native American culture, as opposed to the mascot of the Indians.

The rest of the outfit is based around a romper that gave me that old-timey baseball feel – appropriate, considering the team is over 100 years old. You can also see the hat is more of the vintage style as well, to match the romper, and then all the accessories are where the look gets fully updated. The choker is a piece by Neeko April, a Navajo artist feature on Beyond Bucksin, and I’ve layered it with a necklace of the Cleveland city skyline by a local company. I felt the feather ring and fringed suede sandals added a bit more Native American feel to the look, and then I wrapped it all up with a cute red clutch from a nearby designer focusing on equestrian-inspired pieces. Overall, I feel it’s a pretty successful pairing that incorporates bits of Cleveand, Indians history, and Native American culture. Also, it’s damn cute, and I would totally wear it!


Cleveland hat


choker from Beyond Buckskin, by Neeko

necklace by Cleveland Clothing Co.


clutch by Rebecca Ray Design



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