Cleveland Indians Style – Day 1!

Just be grateful they’re not the Cleveland Infants (yes, that was a real baseball team)

I realize that there is a LOT happening this week in the city of Cleveland, but I intend to avoid most politics and focus on baseball. I say ‘most politics’ because dealing with the Indians makes touching on their representation of Native Americans pretty unavoidable. It is for this reason that you won’t be seeing the Indians mascot in any of my outfits – I want to show the heritage of the team, but not at the offense of an entire race. I realize the team name is also a sticking point with many (not nearly offensive as the Washington Redskins) but I can’t really avoid that as much, so my apologies if you see it included.

Now that that disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get down to it! Today’s pairing is based off the late 60’s uniforms of the Indians, which sported a long or 3/4 sleeve red top under a white vest. Now, a direct interpretation of that would probably look like a fast food uniform, so I went bohemian instead, pairing in some pinstriped shorts for structure and a subtle nod to baseball uniforms. My subtle, hopefully tasteful, homage to the team name and mascot is the feathered arrow pendant from a local Cleveland merchant. I hope to find more ideas to incorporate a respectful embodiment of Native American culture for this week, but if you have any ideas, please send them my way! I love to learn and share about other cultures as much as I do baseball 🙂

WomensIndiansOutfit01 shirt



Cleveland Indians hat

 stone charms by Heather Moore Jewelry

arrow charm by Allie M Jewelry

bag by Fount

ring by Oceanne




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