Cincinnati Reds, White, and…

…black? Not 100% patriotic, but the Cincinnati Reds are 2/3 of the way to the American flag, and looking good!

The Cincinnati Reds did actually incorporate blue into their uniforms over the years, which you can still see in the vintage style hats and jerseys. They also had sleeveless vest uniforms in the 1950’s, not unlike what the team wears today, only without a layer beneath. Full muscle-tee jerseys, who knew? While in the throes of their uniform tweaking, for one reason or another, the organization saw fit to strip the team of their bonus blue, and trim the Reds down to just their signature color, and namesake, red. This was way back in the 1960’s, and it took until 1999 for the team to finally add in a complement color, and chose black (which, coincidentally, my Mets had just added into their uniform repertoire in 1998.) As much as I enjoy the vintage red and white stripes, I’m glad Cincinnati saw fit to modernize the look a bit, even merging the sleeveless jersey back into the uniform rotation and keeping things fresh.

Today’s Cincinnati Reds outfit is a blend of old and new, accenting vintage-looking red pinstriped pants with the newer black hats the team wears now. The light peplum tank top is a perfect waist-cinching accent to the wide-leg pants (expertly chosen to mimic the team’s red pinstripes), and both are fabrics that will keep you cool in the sweltering Ohio summers. After a LOT of digging, I managed to find some incredible local artisans with some stylish, Cincinnati-made accessories to enhance this look, but still keep it ballgame-ready. Naturally, I stuck with manageable sandals, with a hint of a wedge, to keep navigating the ballpark safe and simple, but still looking fabulous. Batter up, lady-Reds!

Smocked Peplum top by Maeve from Anthropologie

Nadeema pants by Theory from Bloomingdales

Nike Cincinnati Reds hat from MLB Shop

Rising Sun ring by Rock Salt Vintage

Round Druzy studs by Humblechic

Triangle Brass cuff by Suzanne Applebaum Jewelry

Mini Market tote by The Northern Market

Richichi sandals by Call It Spring from Nordstrom Rack














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