Chicago Cubs World Series Style – Part 2!

It’s all tied up and moving to Wrigley – let’s get dangerous!


It would seem that my plea for a Cubbies win did not fall on deaf ears, and the series is tied at 1-up! Now that I’ve done my part to avert a sweep, I’m not backing either team – I just want to see some good baseball! Let’s ease off the shutouts and keep it interesting, guys, maybe have a pitchers duel that gets spoiled in the 9th (much like my Mets one 2016 playoff game)? More importantly, as the games are in Chicago tonight, upon who will the honor of singing Take Me Out to the Balllgame, a la Harry Caray, be bestowed? My money would be on Bill Murray, but I’ll be waiting to see what happens! After all, even though he’s a White Sox man, the president is from Chicago…

Today’s World Series pairing is for the Cubbies men out there, looking to stay warm, but stylish while repping at Wrigley. I managed to find a slew of awesome local Chicago-made goods, including a ‘Cub Life’ tee that my pairing doesn’t do justice – definitely click the link to see the whole design of that one. I opted for a thicker jacket, as royal blue doesn’t seem to be a popular color for mid weight jackets, but I figure it’ll last through the offseason and bring a happy reminder of Cubby blue until Spring Training begins. Also, I confess the fantastic pants in this outfit don’t include a belt loop, but I included a belt anyway, as well as a coordinating watch and Cubs W wallet. All from Chicago makers! Of course, I whipped in just a hint more of the team spirit with some Cubs socks to keep your toesies cozy in a nice pair of boots. The best part is, with the addition or removal of the jacket, this outfit is perfect for any season – especially the postseason! 😉



Cub Life shirt by Ardent Apparel


pants by Stock Mfg. Co.

belt by Ashland Leather

Cubs cap

Cubs W wallet by MopHop Shoes

watch by LeCouer Watch Co.

Cubs socks




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